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Sunnyside Reformed Church

A Christian Community Church Making Christ Known Through Word & Deed



We are part of a Tradition that has stood the test of time. Our church has been in Sunnyside, NY for over 100 years and our denomination is the oldest in America!


We will be here today, tomorrow and the day after.

We will not judge nor will we try to change you.


We will introduce you to the Living Christ who can open your heart and mind to the wonder of life and the mystery of the life to come.

For some time, the leaders and members of Sunnyside Reformed Church have wanted to offer an expression of solidarity with those who are at risk in the current political climate. For example, immigrants seeking asylum who are coming to our country out of desperation and fear. We understand that many people expect churches to remain silent on political issues. But the foundation of our faith, the words of Jesus, are being used as a defense for so many actions that we believe to be in contradiction with what we have been taught to believe and to live. As we looked for a way to express our empathy and support of these communities, we were led to a statement written and signed by leaders from over twenty different Christian denominations. It is a clear statement with Biblical evidence that reminds us that we are called to live our faith every day and to consider what that means in this current, dangerous time for the soul of our nation. We are also in agreement with a statement issued by the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America concerning immigration. Rather than writing our own statement, we feel these are excellent references and we encourage anyone who is earnestly interested in what we as Christians are called to believe to read them. We hope they will spark dialogue between you, your family, friends and acquaintances. Peace be with you.

By this shall all know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another... (John 13:35)

Pastor Neil Margeston

is available Monday through Friday

10am - 5pm at the church office.

Events Calendar

Astoria Big Band

Saturday, June 22nd @7PM

Free Admission.

Vocal Recital: Cecile Hastie & Ah Ram Lee

Sunday, June 8th @7PM

Free Admission.

SRC's Continuing Food Drive

FREE food for those in need.

Monday - Thursday • Noon - 5:00pm


We have started a small food pantry for anyone who is hungry.

No ID or proof required. Just come and take what you need.

We greatly appreciate anyone who can help contribute to our Food Drive.

We accept all non-perishables that are not past the expiration date.


Please help us make a difference in our community!

Sunnyside Family Network

Mommy and Me Playgroup.

Four mornings per week: M, T, Th, Fr. 9 - 11 AM, Starts 9/10/18

Gymnastics for Children

Several Days per week.


Startdate to be announced.

Inspiring Words from Pastor Neil Margeston

Organized in 1986, the Sunnyside Reformed Church is a proud member congregation of the

Reformed Church of America

Sunnyside Reformed Church

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T. 718.426.5997


A Christian Community Church Making Christ Known Through Word & Deed


Est. 1896